Ss h1 - MSA V-Guard Helmet
With Fas -Trac Suspension Safety Supplies at wholesale prices ! ... MSA Full Brim V-Grad Protective Hard Hat

 MAS خوذة امريكى
( ابيض – اصفر – احمر - ازرق )



Ss h2 - ™ Omega 3
Hard Hat with Ratchet - White ... Ratchet features an easy turn knob allowing you to create a better fit without removing the helmet.
Helmet 3M All colors USA

خوذه امريكى 3M
( ابيض – اصفر – ازرق – احمر )



Ss h3 Helmet EC with vas track  suspension all colors


خوذة اتحاد اوروبي ببكرة الوان مختلفة (ابيض - اصفر - احمر- ازرق)


SSg2: Rubber gloves
Acrylo nitrile Butadiene rubber
Resistant to Solvent, Oils & Fats
100% Inspection
Superior reliability
Outstanding chemical resistance
Food Safe - CE & F

Rubber ribbed gloves China


جونتى مخرفش صيني مطاط 250 جرام




SSg1- Dotted gloves
Material: pvc dotted
Protects workers from scald as it won't  burn and melt, even extinguish without fire
dotted gloves have light function of cut- resistant
Durable, wearable and convenient to clean out
Suitable for incise work of glasswork

Dotted gloves -China

جونتى محبب بأسورة حمراء وبيضاء الكرتونة وزن 30 كيلو



SSg5 - Short  re enforced welding  gloves

made of cow leather  reinforced on the fingers , cuff made of heavy cotton cloth

Welding glove reinforced heavy China

جونتى الشرقية ثقيل مدعم



SSg4 Nitrile gloves

Acrylonitrile Butadiene rubber
Resistant to Solvent , Oils & Fats
Superior reliability
Electrostatic Lining Technology - soft cotton lining
Chemically toughened Nitrile
Outstanding chemical resistance
Food Safe - CE & FDA , US

Nitrite glove against chemicals and solvents all sizes (Malaysia)

جونتى ضد المذيبات والكيماويات ماليزى له شهاده كبير وصغير





Ssg6 gloves anti cut made in Malaysia sizes L XL



جونتى ضد القطع ماليزى


Welding Gloves Made of Blue Cow Split Leather
Key Specifications/Special Features:
• Material: blue cow split leather
• Full lining
• Two-piece leather and reinforced palm

Welding glove China

جونتى لحام 40 سم مبطن وبة دعم اضافي



PVC suit chemical resistance & rain coat


بدلة احماض  صيني


Ssc1 - Fire retardant coverall

Made in several layers including nomex   water-resistant layer and thermal   insulation layer
Air-permeable cloth makes it more   comfortable to wear
3M reflective tape makes it safer in   dark
Suitable for air-fighting industry or   petrochemical industry
Fire-retardant accessories like glove,   hood, helmet and boots are available
OEM orders are accepted

Fire retardant coverall all colors (China)

Nomex coverall is also available

افارول مقاوم للحريق (برتقالي-لبني -احمر) صيني الصنع

يوجد أيضا  Nomex



Anti chemical Google
Comfortable and lightweight panoramic goggle with PVC frame. Easy adjustable elastic headband and lens available in anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments provide comfort to the user.

Made  In Malaysia

نظارة بأستك مقاوم للكيماويات ماليزي الصنع



Normal safety eye googol
Light weight safety spectacle with inclination
system for easy support. One pieces lens made of impact resistance polycarbonate

ET46Anti scratch welding Google

نظارة وقابة للحام ضد الخدش شفاف واسود وبني ماليزي الصنع



Anti scratch welding Google clear & dark lens Light weight safety spectacle with inclination
system for easy support. .  Impact resistance One pieces lens Made  In USA

نظارة وقابة يوفكس امريكى فاتح وغامق



3M™ Protective Eyewear 1721,BlackcFrame, Mirrored Lens 3m

نظارة وقابة سطح مراية


LUXER MSA Anti scratch

Light weight safety spectacle with inclination
system for easy support..  Impact resistance One pieces lens Made  In Taiwan

نظارة وقابة  شفاف موديل لوكسر


Light weight safety spectacle with inclination
system for easy support. .  Impact resistance One pieces lens Made  In Malaysia

نظارة وقابة للحام ضد الخدش ماليزي الصنع


Light weight safety spectacle with inclination
system for easy support.  Impact resistance One pieces lens Made  In Malaysia

A202 نظارة لحام ضد الخدش ماليزي الصنع موديل


Ss m3 - 3m Dust Mask 8000

The 3M 8000 particle respirator, is certified by the NIOSH as an N95 respirator mask. It is maintenance-free with minimum filter efficiency of 95%. Lightweight construction enhances comfort and wears time. It features an adjustable nose clip to ensure a more secure seal against the face, and it contains electro statically charged micro-fibers to make breathing easier. NIOSH 42 CFR 84 classification of N95.

3M  8000 /8200 Face mask

3   كمامه ورقية موديل 8000   



Ss m3Face mask N95 for medical and bacterial uses

3 للاستخدام الطبي لتقليل الاصابة بالبكترياM كمامه موديل



Ss m2 - 3m Dust Mask 8511

Designed for applications such as welding, soldering and other operations where metal fumes may be present.

Workplace applications include welding, brazing, soldering, torch cutting, and metal pouring, as well as grinding, sanding, sweeping, bagging and other dusty/hot operations. It features the 3Mآ Cool Flowآ Exhalation Valve, cake-resistant filter.

Face mask 8511 3M

3M      كمامه موديل 8511



V9 Smoke detector (English)

كاشف ادخنة انجليزي ببطارية



Full body harness Protecta

حزام براشوت كامل بالحبل فرنساوى



SS eR2 3M 1120   Earplug un corded

سداده اذن امريكى بدون فتله


SS eR1 - ear plug 3m

Disposable, expandable foam ear plugs. Orange color. Tapered shape. Noise reduction rating is 29 dB. Corded and un corded models

Ear plug corded 1130 - -    3M

   سداده أذن امريكى بفتله موديل 1130



SS eR3 Ear plug un corded in a box

سداده تايوانى مطاط فى علبة



Ss ey - Eye Wash Station

The 16-gal. capacity of this eyewash station meets ANSI Z358.1-2004 standards. Gravity-fed unit flushes both eyes at the required .42 g pm for 15 minutes.

وحدة غسيل عيون محمولة امريكي



Stay open ball valve with pull rod Freestanding deluge shower

دش طوارئ



Pedestal mounted eyewash

with round yellow ABS

plastic bowl, twin aerated

sprays and stay open bal

l valve with paddle handle


حوض  طوارئ